Two Classes Every Good Medical Assisting Program Teaches

While most medical assistant diploma programs have classes that make them unique, believe it or not there is a core group of classes that all programs should have in order for graduates to become successful Medical Assistants. Medical Assistants preform a hybrid amount of duties: from office work to clinical, so it is important for a student to get a good mixture of both during their classes. However, most associate degree in medical assistant programs do offer internships that cover both these fields successfully. Here are a few courses that every medical assistant needs to take.

    1. Patient Care – A really good Medical Assisting program will have a class that will accurately help you learn and understand how to handle patients. About ninety percent of a Medical Assistants job is handling the patients that come to their work place. Whether it be a clinic, physician’s hospital, or urgent care center. Patient care classes are important because they teach you how to accomplish some of your daily tasks like: reviewing charts, front office skills, and sometimes common medical terminology is talked about. But most importantly they teach you how to manage the different kinds of patients you’ll be handling. It also teaches you to stay calm and keep collected when handling frustrated patients.

  1. Bookkeeping – Learning how to keep accurate records is very important as this is the last ten percent of a medical assistants job. These courses are usually designed to give students some hands-on experience on a basic level of medical billing and coding. It also teaches them and grants them some experience in handling checks, and how to process patient and insurance payments.

Always remember that the most important part of any medical assisting program is the internship/externship.


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