How to Succeed as a Medical Assistant

As we all know, there are huge differences between an average medical assistant and a really awesome medical assistant. While every medical assistant that preforms their job well is a valuable employee – it is really those who go above and beyond that are the most memorable. These MA’s do more than just keep the office organized and clean of clutter, they optimize their medical institution. Here are a few tips on how to become an awesome Medical Assistant.

If you want to be a really amazing Medical Assistant, you should always anticipate what patients/doctors will need before it’s needed. In other words, keep office and medical supplies stocked, and make sure patient rooms have all the supplies available and on hand.

When a patient is brought into the room notice what kind of symptoms they have, and try to meet the doctor’s demands by providing the tools you think they will need beforehand.

Reference Sheet
If your office has may different supplies, do yourself a favor and make a cheat sheet so that you may recall what LPN prefers certain supplies over others. Part of your job is to not only manage office supplies, but to make sure that your co-workers demands are being met.

Be Clear and Concise with your Documentation
When you write notes and references make sure that your handwriting is legible. If it’s not then make sure to type things out and print it out. The last thing an MA wants to do is give other co-workers more work by having them decipher bad hand writing. It takes up way too much time and effort, and there is a great deal of things to be done in a medical office that are more pressing. So don’t write like a doctor!

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