Why Medical Assistants Shouldn’t Smoke

As a medical assistant you will deal with stressful situations that will raise your stress levels beyond imagination. Whether it is tight deadlines on task that you know will take a long time to complete, or patients who are upset and discharge their stress onto you – it is not easy being a medical assistant. So how do you manage stress as a medical assistant? Yoga? Breathing exercises? While this may be the case for you, and thank yourself for having healthy stress related coping exercises, it isn’t the case for most medical assistants. Most medical assistants turn to tobacco to relieve stress and they shouldn’t. Here’s why.

If a patient sees you, they won’t take your advice seriously

The worst thing you can do as a health industry worker is do unhealthy things, and then instruct the patients that they should not do unhealthy things because it is bad for them. I know that’s a roundabout way of putting it, but let’s be honest here would you take someone’s, you should stop smoking, bargain while they smell like cigarette smoke? The answer will be a resounding no.

It doesn’t only apply to smoking either. If the young teenage patients in your medical office find out you do unhealthy things outside of work, they really won’t listen to any advice you give. They will say, well hey if they do it and they know the risks why shouldn’t it? It’s a bad situation to be in especially since you are a medical professional who is there to help people.

Luckily, most medical facilities have banned smoking from the premises since second hand smoke affects all patients. Don’t think of this as an anti-smoking campaign, though. I’m not saying you shouldn’t smoke outside of work on your own time. What I’m saying is don’t let the patients know.

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