How to Protect Yourself from Allergies

Pollen season has come around again and allergies are running high. Whether it is a raspy cough, snot dribbling noses, or a scratchy and itchy throat, the effects brought on by a high tide of pollen can be very counterproductive and lead to eventually feeling sick. So here are a few tips and tricks in order to help you keep your allergies at bay, so that they can cause as little harm as possible. Remember, the complete avoidance of pollen is impossible. This article serves as more of a guide as to how to be aware of pollenation times and other helpful tips.

Plan Your Time Wisely

According to Miguel P. Wolbert, an MD and allergist in Evansville, Ind, “most plants pollinate from 5 a.m to 9 a.m.” You can do a lot with this little bit of information in order to prevent your allergies from spiraling out of control. Remember, those of us who are allergic to pollen simply have a sensitivity to them. Once we breathe it, it causes an irritation through our nostrils and throats that leads us to feeling feverish, downtrodden, and lacking in energy.

While you can’t avoid pollen, and it is difficult to stay indoors when you might have to commute to work around these times, you can at least take preventative medicines like Claritin, and bring nasal sprays or salt rinses to flush your system free of the pollen once you get indoors again.

Try Not to Visit a Doctor

Visiting your regular physician should be a last resort. Most of the time they will prescribe you the same over the counter medication you can just buy yourself. Which means you just wasted a trip to the doctor. You should only visit your regular physician if the over the counter medication is ineffective so that they might prescribe you something stronger.

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